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Sep 19, 2017

Learn to Manage Social Media Conflicts: Know what went wrong

Learn how to manage conflicts on social media


Learn how to manage conflicts in Social Media. Not all companies will make it in the digital world, but it's getting harder and harder to stay out of it.

Find out about situations that went unexpectedly wrong and learn some tricks for managing your social media better.

It's impossible to count the examples of organizations and companies misusing or mismanaging social networks, either because they're not prepared to receive criticism or because they give the wrong answers to customers, which has a negative impact on the reputation of their brands.

"Not all companies will be successful, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to stay off social media. Like the telephone or fax, they will become more and more of a utility and not so much an unnecessary cost." says Armando Alves, head of data and digital marketing at Fullsix, an interactive marketing agency.

In 2010, Ensitel became aware of the power of social networks.

After a customer used her personal blog to complain, she received requests from the company's lawyers asking her to remove the statements from the blog.

This situation led to a lot of criticism of the brand on Facebook and Twitter and some comments were eventually removed, which aggravated the fury of Internet users. The company eventually withdrew its lawsuit against the user.


In 2012, it was discovered that the love story between the young man who was "looking for Diana" and the "Diana" who didn't exist was just a Cacharel campaign.

In less than two weeks, the 'search' page for 'Diana' has garnered more than 29,000 supporters, nearly 40,000 shares and hundreds of supportive comments, while the young man has appeared in various places in Lisbon with posters in the hope of finding the mysterious girl.

When the perfume brand revealed that it was marketing, followers expressed their displeasure on Facebook.

These are just two examples of bad management or bad communication actions, thought of only from the brand's perspective.

"Brands shouldn't be irrelevant, arrogant or manipulative, because then they won't be able to gain trust and maintain a relationship with their audience," says Joana Carravillas.

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