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Feb 12, 2019

Enjoyment and pride in work motivate employees

Enjoyment and pride in work motivate employees

enjoyment and pride in work

 Enjoyment and pride in work are the main factors in employee retention and engagement with organizations. The responses of employees from around two hundred companies help paint a picture of the organizational climate in Portugal, as revealed by yet another "Index of Excellence".


 Lisbon, February 12th, 2019 - The results of the third edition of the "Index of Excellence", an organizational climate and human capital development study carried out by Neves de Almeida | HR Consulting, point to enjoyment of the work carried out as the main factor in retaining employees in organizations and also to pride in their work as the most important factor in their engagement.

The conclusions of the study, which was carried out in collaboration with INDEG-ISCTE and "Human Resources Portugal" and "Executive Digest", and which involved the participation of around 200 companies covering all sectors of activity, will be released on the 20th, at a ceremony which will also award the companies that invest the most in the area of Human Resources and in the development and satisfaction of their employees.

Enjoyment of the work carried out in the organization - with 55.5% - stands out as the main retention factor, a dimension in which work-life balance (32.86%), relationships with colleagues (28.6%), working conditions (26.1%) and job security (24.1%) are also highly valued.

The results of this third edition of the "Excellence Index" also point to pride in one's work (81.3%) as the most important factor for employee engagement with organizations. Immersion in the work, strength and energy and being carried away by the work are other aspects of engagement valued by more than three quarters of employees.

Improving employee rewards (remuneration, benefits, bonuses) and investing in people development and talent management are the organizational initiatives that employees prioritize.

According to Pedro Rocha e Silva, Partner at Neves de Almeida | HR ConsultingAccording to the study, "we found that the priority, in many cases, continues to be a greater commitment to employee rewards and people development. Therefore, according to the study, organizations prioritizing these factors will meet the main retention and engagement factors pointed out."

Participation in the initiative makes use of the analysis of surveys addressed to professionals in the company - Management and Employees - aimed at gauging their opinion on a set of existing practices in the organization, their expectations and how they perceive their professional environment. The evaluation methodology developed includes the analysis of complementary dimensions of excellence in employee relations, organizational dynamics, processes, climate and human resources management.

"The study is a valid and urgent tool for effectively understanding the relationship established between organizations and employees, and for promoting the implementation of appropriate solutions. This is the first step towards developing segmented and customized strategies that meet the real needs of professionals, whether from the perspective of their current job or taking into account their expectations and ambitions for growth"adds Pedro Rocha e Silva.

At the same time, enrolling in this study will help organizations to be publicly recognized for their good results, gaining positive visibility with a direct impact on recruitment and the way in which the stakeholders look at organizations that stand out for their good practices in this context.

The Index of Excellence will award organizations in global size categories, defined by the number of employees, between Large Companies (more than 251 employees), Medium Companies (between 51 and 250) and Small Companies (between 11 and 50). Organizations will also be awarded by macro sector of activity, in a total of nine identified areas: Banking, Insurance and Financial Services; Construction, Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics; Consulting and Professional Services; Hospitality, Tourism, Sports and Education; Industry; Retail and Commerce; Health and Pharmaceuticals; Public Sector; Technology, Media and Telecommunications.

enjoyment and pride in work


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