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Sep 22, 2022

Mediatization and media logic

Over the years, the PR and media industries have become closely intertwined. At first glance, this might seem like a power struggle. However, this is more of a free-flowing circuit of interaction and influence. This is a big part of today's media logic.

Many organizations believe that the media are "all-powerful". Because of this perceived power, they go out of their way to try to influence journalists and, in the process, begin to mirror or internalize practices, values and assumptions.

What is Mediatization?

A process that assumes that the media are a network of independent social institutions. They all operate according to their own sets of rules and practices. Together, these rules constitute the media's logic.

If they want to get coverage for their brand or theme, organizations need to understand this logic and make concessions. They are present in everyday life and, as such, become central to the social construction of reality.

Mediatization is mainly concerned with understanding the rules and routines that underpin media practice and how organizations and social institutions adapt to fit into this logic. Media professionals Public Relations try to harmonize and reconcile the logic of their own organizations with the dynamics in this context.

Media Techniques in Public Relations

As media coverage is often seen as a vital component of any thematic campaign or public relations exercise, the brandingPublic Relations is at the forefront of accommodating the logic of "news values". Consequently, the press office benefits from an understanding of editorial routines and journalistic storytelling techniques.

In many modern societies, the ability to secure media attention is a vital component of potential influence, so PRs in various sectors, but particularly those wishing to influence public opinion on issues and policies, place a high value on publicity initiatives and building relationships with journalists.

But let's not forget that there can never be just one media logic a unified system that applies equally to all media institutions in all situations.



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