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Dec 4, 2017

Making a brand more accessible

Making a brand more accessible


Although many luxury brands want to maintain a certain aura of exclusivity, influencer marketing can be effective in making a brand more accessible and approachable - particularly among younger segments of the public.

Mercedes Benz is a great example of how to use influencers to tell original stories and ensure this connection. The brand created a video 360-degree video with the famous Instagram dog, Loki, and his owner, Kelly Lund. In the video we follow Kelly as he drives a Mercedes car through Crested Butte, a town in the US state of Colorado, giving the audience a glimpse of the landscape through Loki's eyes.

This example shows that influencer marketing doesn't always have to follow the formula of a sponsored publication. The secret of the campaign centered on being able to associate the brand with a recognizable "personality", and combining this association with innovative technology and an authentic narrative that proved to be successful.

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