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Feb 7, 2018

#Mover&Shakers | "Made in Portugal" has arrived in force and quality: The Josefinas case


According to an article in Visão magazine, the new brands "made in Portugal" are making headlines.

They are brands fresh and synonymous with entrepreneurship, innovation and good communication. They have arrived and achieved their place in the market.

Today we highlight JOSEFINAS: the Portuguese brand of ballet flats that has already opened its first physical store, a flagship store, in New York City, USA.

Maria, the brand's CEO, said in an interview with Dinheiro Vivo that the Josefinas project didn't seem possible at first. However, the growth process has been remarkable.

Initially the brainchild of architect Filipa Júlio, a former ballerina who dreamed of practical and comfortable shoes, Josefinas was born in 2013 as an online store.

The name of the brand is a tribute to Filipa Júlio's grandmother.

  • The concept is traditional sabrinas, in all colors and prints, but they also make original women's sneakers.
  • It is currently a well-received brand on the national and international market.
  • Some of the world's bloggers often share the pieces on social media.
  • Founded online in 2013, Josefinas opened its first physical store in New York in 2016, with the US being its main market.


Maria reveals in interview some of the secrets to this brand's success "made in Portugal" and we've highlighted the most important ones:

  1. Always remember the strategy.
  2. Work on the brand's values.
  3. Giving a voice to the roots and telling a story (storytelling).

Inspiring, right?

Good luck and good projects! Find out more about Josefinas on the brand's official website.




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