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Jan 31, 2019

The risks and benefits in planning a campaign

Planning a campaign - Know the risks and benefits

planning a campaign

Reputation is one of the most precious assets of any organization. It takes years to build and can be destroyed at the slightest mistake. In this sense, the planning of any campaign must take into account all the risks inherent in it.

However, as we have discussed in previous articles, a well-thought-out campaign must always have a streak of genius and surprise. The balance between this genius and the risks of a bolder action is far from easy. This is one of the main challenges facing any communications professional today.

The action carried out in 2018 by Huawei is a good example of the above. At the launch of a new iPhone, the Chinese tech giant decided to distribute power banks to those queuing up to buy Apple's new phone. The product in question was receiving a lot of criticism from experts due to its poor battery life.

The action involved a high degree of reputational risk and it certainly didn't go down well with Apple officials or its consumers. We also don't know how much the Chinese company profited from such a particular action. However, the truth is that the action in question was, to say the least, surprising.


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