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Dec 26, 2018

How to communicate in an inspiring way

How to communicate in an inspiring way

How to communicate in an inspiring way

Do you know what Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King have in common? They know how to inspire... And how do we inspire someone? Simon Sinek discovered the effective way to do so through the Golden Circle.

Simon Sinek was the one who called this whole process Golden Circlethrough his book "Starts With Why", where he asks pertinent questions and discovers the reason for the success of many brands and individuals who communicate differently.

This circle is actually a simple graph, which asks the questions from the center outward: why, how, and what.

According to the theory, all people know well what they do, some people and companies know how, but only a small percentage know well why they do what they do.

The ones who really achieve success, are those who know that WHY well and share that same aspect with their consumers.

This is precisely how, according to the author, we inspire people who become encouraged and motivated to a certain action.

As Simon Sinek argues, "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it."

A company's business goal should not be just to sell to anyone, but to those who believe in what the organization believes in. If consumers believe in what the organization believes in, they will remain loyal to its cause.

A good example we can cite, which follows the golden circle pattern well, is Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous speech at the Lincoln Memorial. If the speech had started with "I have a plan" instead of "I have a dream," it would not have been as successful.

No one went to see Luther King's speech for his own sake, they went because they saw him as a source of inspiration and above all believed in his WHY, equality.

Already today, many organizations use this strategy to communicate And the truth is that the results, in the long run, are there to be seen.



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