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Aug 9, 2022

Digital Transformation and the New Public Relations

With the evolution of technology Public Relations had and have to evolve in the way they work to adapt to the new challenges of the new Public Relations. This hasn't just happened in the field of communications. The digital transformation has already taken place in most industries. 
Not so long ago, for a PR person to meet someone required a substantial investment in face-to-face contact and travel. With the introduction of platforms capable of bringing two or more people together online, this task has become easier and cheaper to accomplish. Today's PR professionals have unparalleled tools for keeping in touch with their clients. This allows them to be more flexible and better accommodate the needs of their partners. 
Personalized Mass Communication 
A PR professional generally communicated to reach a target audience. This is because tools were used that would hardly allow anyone to personalize their message. Today, a PR professional is one click away from sending a message to anyone, anywhere in the world. And not just an ordinary message, but a highly personalized and interactive one. 
Social networks and the Internet allow news to spread at breakneck speed. By using them, a PR professional can keep up to date with what's happening in the world. In the past, this wasn't possible and the old PR had to resort to information in traditional formats for this purpose. However, this acceleration of news represents a new challenge for PR professionals, as bad news can also travel faster, leaving very little time for a reaction before a scandal is publicized. For this reason, specialized crisis communication management has never been more important. 
The work of today's PR professionals is easier due to technological advances that help them perform their jobs better. Every year, new technologies appear on the market. Consequently, professionals have to be on their toes, follow trends and acquire new skill sets. Of course, in addition to training their existing ones. Only in this way will PR professionals succeed in the face of the new Public Relations.
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