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Aug 3, 2022

The Next Big Idea presents a guide to Web3 startups

The Next Big Idea launches a guide to Web3 companies in areas such as gaming, fashion, financial asset management and social impact. They all have in common that they propose solutions supported by blockchain technology, which many consider to be "the next Internet".

Lisbon, August 3rd, 2022 - The platform The Next Big Idea has launched a guide with information on Web3 startups operating in the Portuguese market. This is not a rankingbut rather a list of projects in areas that will be impacted by blockchain technology in the near future. This is a first edition of a database that will be regularly updated and supplemented with information on new projects. players and the strategy of this new web market.

Subscription to the Web 3.0 Guide in Portugal is now available here.

Web3 is a new thematic area at The Next Big Idea, both on content platforms and through the organization of events. The kick-off was given with the organization, in July, of the conference "Web3: The New Creator Economy", in partnership with the Electric Festival.

Rute Sousa Vasco, publisher of The Next Big Idea, explains that "The focus on Web3 is a natural evolution for a project like ours, which follows innovation trends in Portugal and around the world. Both on TV and on digital platforms, this is a topic we've been highlighting for over a year, particularly in our Next newsletter, which appeared at the very time the Web3 market began to grow in size. Interest has been growing and we believe it will continue to do so".

About the first edition of the Web 3.0 Guide, the publisher adds: "It's a curated database and we're keen to keep it open to new projects, meeting the dynamics that this new internet brings and knowing that we're only at the beginning of a new stage. It's important to publicize the projects that are being done in Portugal or by Portuguese teams because, by the very nature of technology and Web3, they are naturally the national architects of the next internet."he concludes.

Every week, the best selection of content produced by The Next Big Idea team is sent out in the Next newsletter where, over the last 12 months, Web3 topics have been given regular space with analyses of the main projects in the spotlight, such as the stablecoinsthe success of NBA Top Shotthe first Web3 social network, the BitcloutTesla's strategy of adopting cryptocurrency payments or the history of CZfounder and CEO of Binance, which today is the largest global cryptocurrency trading platform.

Interest in the topic has been growing and more and more people are trying to keep up with a new world that goes beyond investing in cryptocurrencies and is transforming an increasingly wide range of sectors.



About The Next Big Idea

The Next Big Idea is an open stage for innovation - in ideas, regardless of their origin and scope, and in companies, as a critical space for growth and progress.

What originated as a content project - in partnership with SIC Notícias and side-by-side with the players at universities, incubators, startups and organizations actively involved in developing new ideas - has grown to become a broad space for innovation, knowledge sharing and the dissemination of best practices.

Today, the project's mission is not only to disseminate innovation and thus enable new ideas, practices and actors to have a wider reach, but also to provide a support service for those who innovate.

Additional information at https://thenextbigidea.pt/.



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