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Feb 8, 2018

#Movers&Shakers | Engaging the customer: the case of Uber

Uber - The importance of customer experience


Any organization should perceive its customers, partners and market contacts as potential influencers. But for this to translate into an effective marketing strategy, it is important to understand why these people are sharing information about the organization and how to get them to share more.

This is a strategy that works best when the organization has something new to say, a new product or service, a factor of innovation or novelty in the market. The key is to identify the element to be addressed - what your influencers want to talk about, rather than what you want to say.

Uber's marketing strategy focuses on word-of-mouth generated by both customers and employees, where the experience acts as a factor of increased interest and retention. Uber drivers act as its marketing department, contacting the public directly and acting as brand ambassadors.

The original experience offered by the company makes customers feel predisposed to "get the word out". Aimed at a target audience interested in the latest trends and solutions and highly connected to the digital environment, this promotion has the potential to be massive.

The organization's growth is achieved by understanding the local reality, using a marketing strategy geared to each context encountered and with the aim of quickly attracting new customers in each new geography where it is present. Uber offers free rides to new users and employs local collaborators in the cities where it operates, gaining an asset of recommendation and proximity that encourages a positive image and recommendation.



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