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Jun 30, 2021

Free Seminar for Public Entities, PPP and "Metros" in debate at DRBF conference

Dispute Resolution Board Foundation

Dispute Resolution Board Foundation

Free Seminar for Public Entities, Underground and Railway Construction Projects and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in the program of the 20th Annual International Conference of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF). Dispute Boards (DB) recognized as "Best Practice International" in the prevention and real-time resolution of disputes in major projects.

As part of the 20th Annual International Conference of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF), which is being held - for the first time in Portugal - until Friday at the Myriad Hotel in Lisbon, there are various topics and themes that professionals of merit and proven experience will discuss in the context of the practice of Dispute Boards (DB).

The highlight on Friday morning, July 2, is a free seminar on DB - a process recognized globally as the best alternative mechanism for preventing and resolving conflicts - for Public Entities, followed by a session on Avoiding and Resolving Disputes in Public Projects.

In the afternoon there will be an opportunity to discuss DB in Portugal, exploring the legal framework and possibilities of this mechanism for the success of both private and public procurement projects.

At a time when the Recovery and Resilience Program is being outlined, which provides for important construction works, such as the rail corridor to Spain or the development of the Porto Metro and Lisbon Metro, the discussion and debate on the merits of DB is more topical than ever.

On Thursday, July 1, one of the themes of the conference is precisely DB's experience with the Societé Grand Paris (Paris Metro) and the prospects for the expansion of the Lisbon and Porto metros. Another relates to Public-Private Partnerships, with a presentation of DB's preferred model in this area.

Financing, experiences in Lusophone Africa and Latin America, the evaluation of their impact and consequences, as well as lessons learned from case studies from around the world. are other subjects of this face-to-face and online event, which has as its motto "Bringing the Parties Closer to Resolving Differences".

DB is recognized for its efficiency in preventing and resolving disputes in real time on major projects. Adopted worldwide by public, private and financing entities, DB is accepted as "International Best Practice" and contributes to the success of projects through significant reductions in cost and schedule deviations.

Studies have shown that 84% to 98% of DB matters do not proceed to arbitration or court. Owner studies show significant reductions in time and cost deviations compared to projects without DB.

This conference is the DRBF's flagship event worldwide, renowned for the exceptionality of the speakers and quality of the program, and seeks to help parties stay above and beyond turbulent waters for effective project completion.

All information available at https://www.drb.org/drbf-20th-annual-international-conference-30-june-02-july


About the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF):

The Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF), a non-profit organization created in 1996, is an international association of Construction Industry professionals committed to the prevention and resolution of disputes in real time through the use of Dispute Boards (DB). Members, more than 1,000 in 70 countries, represent organizations of owners, architects, engineers, contractors, legal professionals, funding agencies and consultants. The DRBF offers resources for Owners and Contractors who wish to avoid and resolve their disputes using this successful and cost-effective method and organizes conferences and meetings as a forum for discussing developments in the process.

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