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Dec 15, 2022

The timing of communication for B2B companies



The companies involved in the InterComm study highlighted the need for greater company visibility, with new ways of making themselves known and communicating. But for this to happen, all the organizations in each of the sectors of activity that operate with the mission of promoting and positioning each of the industries will have to take a different look at Communication, which, in its various aspects, will undoubtedly play a fundamental and strategic role in the success of the company's business. B2B companies with a focus on exports.

The strategic vision will continue to be the beacon for each organization's activity, but with action plans in line with the challenges. Among the actions to be taken by companies, there is one that now seems to be a determining factor: the way organizations communicate. These organizations will still need to learn, be flexible and adapt, considering as many alternative scenarios as possible at any given time.

So far, few companies are awake and aware of the benefits of making room for communication to contribute to their competitiveness, but knowing that communication in B2B companies must be relational, personalized, genuine and based on proximity, companies are forced to reinvent themselves in different relationship management formats.

Relationships continue and will continue to be the basis of the business, and there are more opportunities to work in partnership and holistically, with contacts established with stakeholders across multiple sectors, geographies and platforms. Communication has emerged as a function of growing importance, assuming a new priority position in the strategic thinking of many companies and is seen as an anchor to inspire trust among the different stakeholders. stakeholders.

Want to know more about B2B communication? Visit Business-to-Business: Beyond Business Communication (B2B-BBC)" project area, which aims to understand, post-pandemic, what role communication plays in the way national B2B and exporting companies engage with their customers. stakeholders.



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