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Aug 3, 2022

The Change in Public Relations

Just as modern life in general has changed with technological evolution, so has public relations. Today professionals in this field are practicing a completely different activity than a few years ago. They have new ways of working, new methodologies to organize, lead and manage work.

The most obvious change in this area is related to the change in the media contact list. Since the beginning of PR as a professional career, its experts have recognized the importance of developing a media contact list. A database of contacts they can refer to or call on to publish articles about their brand. Before the internet, this process was easier. Since it was a smaller and more consistent ecosystem, journalists spent a lot of their time associated with a specific media outlet. 

The Modern Media Scenario 

Nowadays, the media is anything but small and consistent. The number of publications has increased. The bloggers e influencers are new stakeholders that have gained in importance. It would be ignorant not to consider them in our analysis. 

Developing a media contact list is no longer an easy task. Fortunately, other mechanisms now exist. There is a lot of software available that can keep up with this evolution. New technologies help us identify who is important and even which media to use and the best journalist to pass on our brand's message. 

Before the digital age, calculating the impact and success of a PR action was difficult. So difficult that many brands simply preferred not to use PR. 

Decision-makers saw the activity as a necessary cost and not as a method of making a profit. Now we can calculate the results. We can see the increase in website traffic, the better conversion rates and the better search engine. Finally, we can calculate the revenue that comes in. Then we can explain the additional investment in PR. 

We can conclude that technology has changed the way we produce and consume information. Therefore, it makes sense that it has also changed the way PR teams communicate and measure their results. It's true that change is always a difficult process. However, in the PR environment it is necessary to move with the times. There are fundamental standards in this practice that professionals maintain: the existence of strong relationships between stakeholders and a strong brand identity. 

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