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Oct 28, 2016

Technology's possible applications

Technology's possible applications


Marketing powered by Virtual Reality (VR) is ultimately an asset for both the public - through an improved experience - and the brand - a more dynamic interaction in a more widely accessible reality.

As VR technology migrates into the marketing ecosystem, we are looking at a future where brands across a broad spectrum of activity can use marketing campaigns to deliver an immersive customer experience to defined segments.

An example of this are the apparent opportunities for sectors such as Travel and Hospitality, where instead of using traditional images, customers will be able to fully explore all the features of hotels, restaurants and places of interest before making a reservation; Automotive, allowing a test drive from the comfort of home or office, something that BMW has already tried out in partnership with Google; Real Estate, elevating the capabilities of panoramic images already available for more dynamic exploration; Retail, allowing customers to explore stores, interact with products and make purchases in an immersive experience.

By combining the applications of VR technology with activation campaigns and other marketing strategies, the possibilities for an enhanced audience experience are practically inexhaustible and promise to add impact to brand exposure.


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