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May 31, 2016

Model GO360

Integrated Communication Response

GO360 model

Thinking about organizations looking for contact with marketing communication, we have developed the GO360 model, a solution that aims to provide an integrated response to global business development needs, with communication as the kick-off.


Communication is essential

More than a prerequisite, Communication is essential for companies that want to gain prominence and recognition in an increasingly competitive and voracious market. Any good idea goes through the transformation from being just a theoretical project to something concrete that will be evaluated by the public. This contact and the relationship that is intended to be created imply telling a story that allows creating an effective and affective connection.

It is in this aspect of creating an original message that knowing how to communicate becomes fundamental. And it is also at the moment of creating and exposing this message that some projects sometimes get lost and make mistakes. This happens because, in a world where the processes around Communication are increasingly complex, the basic information and training may simply not be present. For a professional from a management background, knowing how to position your brand is crucial today, but knowing the tools to use and how to use them implies creating a commitment to a broad strand of knowledge.



The experience and know-how in dealing with the creation of effective communication strategies for new projects become the clear indicators of the need to develop responses adapted to this reality, endowed with its own characteristics and challenges. It was these elements that shaped the GO360 - a model developed by Say U to be applied to the design of business communication strategies Startup. With this starting point already closer to the size and orientation of this typology of organizations, it becomes comparatively simpler to design and implement structured plans.

Starting from the desired positioning and the message to be communicated around a project or a brand, we are faced with a moment of reflection and a search for understanding to find our own voice, a step that is essential to reach higher levels in the minds and hearts of consumers.


The basics of communication

Say U Consulting has created GO360, a methodology that explains the the basics of communication for StartUps and Entrepreneurs through the creation of the COMM route which reached out to the various StartUps in the country, to those already entrepreneurs and those working to be so.

The GO360 workshop was exemplified with practical cases such as the Chic by Choice, allowed Startups and Entrepreneurs to see themselves "on the backs of others", because there they can easily recognize their own.

What we concluded in these months around the country was that communication in startups is not for communication as it is for more solid companies. The difference is not only in the budget. Of course, values clearly mark the differences, but the goals and outcomes you work towards also reflect this distinction. GO360 enables you to create buzz in a Startup without spending a fortune.

Communication for Startups is in a phase of evangelization. It is starting to awaken the need and notion of the value it brings to the business. That message is clearly grasped, but not yet enough to be quickly driven to cause-effect. It is still felt to be going to the to do list for a while. There are other priorities.


GO360 > PR4Startups

Say U Consulting has over the last few years applied its GO360 > PR4Startups Communication model to the winners of the entrepreneurship competition. Montepio Acredita Portugal. The model, designed for startups and SMEs, aims to help projects plan a Marketing Communication strategy as part of their activation in the market. As part of the partnership established with Believe in Portugalhas served as a lever for positioning the national entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.

For Marta Gonçalves, Managing Partner of Say U Consulting, "Despite the fact that the Portuguese are among the highest risk-takers in entrepreneurship in the European Union, Portugal has one of the lowest survival rates among younger businesses. Survival, growth and prosperity require ability to implement original ideas, truly different from the competition, with unique features that stand out. Whatever the company's path, communication is decisive for its recognition and positioning in the market. These challenges and the partnership with Acredita Portugal, which has lasted for five years, helped shape the project. GO360ºthe model we developed to be applied to the design of startup business communication strategies".


Believe in Portugal

The consultant's experience as a partner of Acredita Portugal in recent years - in publicizing the initiative and supporting the definition of communication strategies for finalist projects - served as the basis for the intervention.

The discourse on entrepreneurship has changed. We are witnessing a massification of the startup phenomenon and platforms aimed at supporting new projects in the market, in a concept omnipresent in today's business language. It is therefore more difficult for initiatives such as Acredita Portugal to differentiate themselves and demonstrate their added value, even if it was a pioneer and has a wide reach.

Say U Consulting's proximity to Acredita Portugal allows it to look at this brand and history in a different way, when trying to understand how it can grow, evolve and continue to be present with entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity for recognition. That was the challenge we set out to answer.


GO360 | Factsheet

The GO360 offer is an integrated solution that makes use of the different strands of our activity - CreativityEventsPR e DigitalThis is intended to be applied to the design of "Think big, act small" marketing communication strategies and the construction of niche campaigns, with a perfect match between creativity, size, stage of development and available resources.

The methodology aims to scrutinize the relevance and identity of the company or brand. The way it presents itself to others, how it tells its story and how it engages the various audiences in it.

Companies and brands have a DNA, an identity of their own. And, it is necessary to work on this identity as we want to present it and that attracts its users. stakeholders. That it grabs them in its web, that it builds their loyalty to bring them to recommendation to others.

It is not enough to have a good idea, an open store, or a good website to attract business. It takes a lot more. You need to define a strategy and seize the opportunities. Communication can do this.

See the factsheet of the Model GO360 e talk with us.



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