Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a hardware free to track user behavior on the site. With a series of metrics to explore, you can get a feel for how people use your site and how you can make changes and improvements to increase sales.

At a basic level, it is possible to track how many visitors the website has, how they found it, the number of views a page receives, and much more. Google Analytics is the portal that provides real-time, back-end, internal access to what your users want.

Google Analytics avoids relying on more complex checks and intuition, pointing out pages and content that hit the target or that fall short of objectives. In this way, it becomes possible to do choices informed.

Visitor tracking shows who is visiting the website, how many visitors it reaches and what they are doing on the website. This includes factors such as bounce rate and session length. Another powerful metric that Google Analytics can provide is traffic sources. This answers the question: “how are people finding the website?”. It is thus possible to find out how much traffic is coming from platforms. social media, Google Ads and Google Search Console. Knowing where visitors come from and what they do when they arrive at your site can help you know where to focus your online marketing efforts.

Google Analytics can help you understand the performance of different pieces of content by tracking user behavior. For example, do you visit certain pages more often than others? Is time on page longer for some content types? This type of information can help determine what works and what doesn't, which can help with future content creation and marketing strategy.


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