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Jun 1, 2017

5 tips to boost engagement in your organization

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Several studies show that the average attention span of a reader of an online article is around 8.5 seconds.

5 tips to boost engagement in your organization
Because we live in a reality where everything happens quickly, at extraordinary speed, readers are increasingly impatient when it comes to written content on digital platforms.

In order to attract more attention to your platforms and be more effective in your communication, you need to be concise in your writing.

Here are some tips to boost the effectiveness of your online written communication:

  1. Avoid paragraphs that are too long: paragraphs should be between two and three lines long, so that your customers and readers don't lose interest in the content.
  2. Avoid mixing subjects or topics in the same paragraph: be succinct and effective, so as not to overwhelm the reader or make them feel confused.
  3. Use simple words: even if your business is in a very specific sector, and you use technical terms, try to simplify and avoid words that raise doubts.
  4. Choose an active voice: whenever possible, use the active voice. If you write in the voice you'll use more words and the idea is to be concise and practical. The active voice is simple and concise.

5.      Write for the reader: adapt your content to the reader. To convey a good message, we need to know our audience. It's important to know their expectations in order to meet them. Use familiar language.

Communication is not just about informing. Information must be effective and meet your needs. communication strategy.

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