3 Truths Marketers Can't Ignore

3 Truths Marketers Can't Ignore

With the growing evolution of the technological sector, it is very easy for professionals and customers to be distracted from the main objective of a campaign. Marketers should look at this sector as an asset and an opportunity to grow their ...

Digital Disturbance

The new technological paradigm has transformed the lives of consumers and marketers. It is extremely important to analyze how brands can continue to be relevant in this new world. The issues that concern brands include the embrace of ...
Is social media killing Brands?

Is social media killing Brands?

  One of the most radical changes in the Communication paradigm - the increase in the use of social networks, opened doors to the decline of the hegemony of traditional media and to the apparent end of a certain notion of brand loyalty. The massive volume of contact and ...
4PRGeeks | How to make use of PR?

4PRGeeks | How to make use of PR?

Helping an organization's operation to grow and succeed is the ultimate goal of any PR strategy put in place. In this context, the role of the PR professional needs to address several different elements, seeking to position the ...


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