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Mar 25, 2024

The Collaborator-Driven Process


Follow these steps to set up an effective employer branding that meets the needs of its employees and enhances their role.

Step 1: Familiarize yourself with your organization

When you are able to define your organization's unique attributes, it is easier to improve an EVP. Get to know core businessYou need to understand your organization's vision, mission, values and culture. Understand what your goals are and what kind of talent you need to achieve them.

Step 2: Audit your employer brand

You already know exactly where your product or service stands in the market, but you may not be as aware of how your company is perceived or how it is perceived by your current employees. Carry out internal and external analysis with candidates, online and on social media platforms and monitor your reputation. Look at what's working in your organization and what areas need to be improved - with regard to operations, but specifically with the talent acquisition process, in order to identify ways to boost it.

Step 3: Define a employer value proposition

Draw up an EVP that clearly communicates your company's values. brand It should reflect what is special about working for your organization. It should align with the brand, but also address your employees directly.

Step 4: Use recruitment marketing

When designing an EVP or other brand message, consider enlisting support in your own marketing or communications department (or outsourcing this and other brand work to an agency). Making use of some marketing techniques - such as initiating each branding with the questions: "Who are we trying to reach? And what do they want?" - you'll be in the best position to create a brand that "speaks" directly to your audience.

Step 5: Build interaction with current employees

To help you become a reliable employer, go no further than your own team. To find out what it's like to work in your organization, employees are 3x more likely than the CEO to be considered trustworthy by candidates. Your employees also shape the organization's culture, live its values, achieve its goals and manifest its mission. Without their participation, your brand would be nothing. Here are some ways to get your employees more involved:

Hone your message. Use a set of words or phrases that become part of the company's vernacular, as a way of describing its values and what the experience of working there is like. Keep it simple, clear, informative and unique. Use this language in HR or recruitment meetings and focus it on your career pages, recruitment websites, social media accounts and any other platform where you can get visibility.

Show off your employees. Did you know that one in four candidates views other employee profiles immediately after discovering a job opportunity? Encourage your employees to update their online profiles so that they are current, professional and worthy of attention. The HR department can send useful email reminders, links and tutorials on how to do this. You can also take advantage of your employees' experiences, knowledge and personalities by getting them to tell their stories and making them experts on certain subjects or mentors on topics they are qualified to address.

Turn your employees into a social recruiting army. As your employees update their profiles, ask them to write (honest, but ideally favorable) reviews of your company on job posting sites, post company news and updates and share job opportunities on their personal networks.

Pay attention to the onboarding. The first 90 days on the job are key to turning a new team member into a productive employee. Your company can make a deep and lasting first impression by offering a smooth onboarding process. Provide new employees with the tools and guidance they need to start thriving in their new roles.

Offer skills training and development opportunities. Nothing saves more recruitment costs than promoting from within, so give your employees opportunities for personal growth and professional development. Offer management and leadership training, special certifications and career development opportunities to capture candidates' interest and commitment.



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