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Mar 26, 2021

Aceler@Tech debates opportunities for innovative projects in the Tourism sector

Aceler@Tech in Portugal

Aceler@Tech in Portugal

For the first time, Acredita Portugal is organizing Aceler@Tech in Portugal, an acceleration program aimed at boosting innovation in tourism and attracting investment to Portugal. The initiative includes a series of debates with stakeholders of the sector.

This year, Acredita Portugal is holding Aceler@Tech in Portugal for the first time, an international acceleration program, with the support of Turismo de Portugal within the framework of the FIT ProgramThe aim of the competition is to attract the best tourism-related innovation to the country and thus contribute to increasing competitiveness and innovation in the sector. The deadline for registering for the initiative is April 4th.

Fernando Fraga, Director of Innovation at Acredita Portugal, explains the relevance of the program since "Competitive and innovative tourism is essential to maintain Portugal's position as a world player in the sector and to overcome current challenges. Programs like Aceler@Tech allow us to stimulate the innovation of our startups, identify the best that is being done in this context and promote its implementation in Portuguese companies. An initiative of this scale complements the efforts being made by Turismo de Portugal to create improvements that will make Portuguese tourism a benchmark on a global scale.".

Gaia is the city host The municipality has already demonstrated its willingness to host the best international projects locally, through the incubators promoted in partnership with Acredita Portugal.

Over the last few weeks, the initiative has included several webinars promoting the opportunity that Portugal represents for tourism-related projects and the reasons why an international project in this area should be launched in the country:

  • Investment - The quality of Portuguese professionals is recognized, with the country having the second highest number of engineering graduates at European level and more than 70% of the working population fluent in English; Portugal has a low cost of living and working; geographical proximity between the various regions of the country; Portugal is the third safest country in the world and has already been voted the best destination in the world three times; creation of a dynamic entrepreneurship ecosystem (3,000 startups, 150 incubators, 100 investors and venture capitals).
  • Tourism and Wine - Despite the country's small size, there are investment opportunities in a variety of areas (e.g. inland areas and smaller cities); notable growth in the tourism sector in recent years; travelers' demand for exclusive locations and offers, including rural tourism and wine tourism; the existence of a national cuisine of recognized quality associated with the country's history and culture.
  • Hotels and Tourism Support Services - The sector has grown in recent years, with around 95,000 local accommodations in Portugal, which account for 40% of bookings made; the emergence of new trends related to Sustainability and Nature Tourism; the growing importance of the Residential Tourism niche (digital nomads).
  • Diversity of Regions - Portugal has countless natural resources; the existence of institutional support lines and mechanisms; growing demand for alternative tourism experiences and the opportunity to "sell" a healthy lifestyle and vacation experience; quality tourism and excellent experiences at lower prices than those found in other geographies.
  • Health and Nature Tourism - There are several regions in Portugal with beautiful landscapes and a low population impact; a trend towards health and wellness solutions; the country is seen as one of the most creative and innovative entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe, with various acceleration and financial support programs; the expected recovery of the tourism sector in the medium term.

One last session on the subject Support, funding and entry into Europe takes place on March 31 and can be followed on the social networks of Believe in Portugal, of Acceler@Tech and on the initiative's official website https://www.aceleratechinportugal.com/.

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