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Mar 20, 2019

agap2it exceeds 15M€ mark

agap2IT ended 2018 with a profit of €15.8M in Portugal. The outlook for 2019-2020 includes the development of new areas of activity, original solutions and international expansion.

Lisbon, March 20th, 2019 - A agap2IT closed 2018 with a turnover of 15.8M€ in Portugal - a growth of 20% compared to the previous year - and a total of 430 employees developing the business of customers and partners at a technological level.

During the 2018 fiscal year, agap2IT was recognized as a suitable company by the National Innovation Agency for R&D activities. Work was carried out to strengthen the conditions and opportunities given to employees. It recently received the TechVisa certification, which aims to ensure that highly qualified staff from outside the European Union can access jobs created in Portugal in a simplified way.

agap2IT's work has also included the implementation of original solutions in order to differentiate the consultancy's work and enter new markets. An example of this strategy is the investment in FootballISM, a technological platform aimed at maximizing the human and material resources of professional soccer practice. In the development of new solutions, the role of investment in Research & Development in Blockchain, namely with Blockbase, a product being developed by agap2IT's internal staff with the support of the P2020 SI - I&DT funding program. The creation of in-house expertise is underpinned by an effort to train and share knowledge among consultants: in 2018 the consultancy invested almost 130,000 euros in training, totaling 5,358 hours of training.

The plan for the next two years includes the reformulation of the following strategic pillars: the restructuring of the offer and business units, the expansion of the consultancy's office in Porto and the international expansion and development of products and solutions.

For Filipe Esteves, Managing Director of agap2IT, "An organization can only hope to be successful if it invests in innovation. It is in the search for new areas of activity, the expansion of our geographical presence and the development of original solutions that we sustain our growth. Not only do we aim to keep up with the trends that have been identified today, but we are also committed to being at the forefront of the market, developing differentiating projects and enabling our clients to implement more effective processes that boost their business. The medium-term goal is continued growth and the achievement of new milestones in agap2IT's intended evolution."

For 2019, the aim is to reach a target of €17.1 million in Portugal and to increase the consultancy team to a total of 460 employees.


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