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Jul 28, 2020

Synonym of success in internationalization

Communication strategies

Communication strategies

Well-crafted communication strategies are essential for companies' performance. And in the case of exporting companies, for their international performance.

Marketing communication is key to ensuring an effective connection between brands and organizations and their public, in this case an international public. This communication presupposes the combination of specialized experience and know-how with the development of appropriate tools for gaining reputation and notoriety, which are so decisive in export markets.

In a communication landscape that has been constantly changing for more than a decade, and even more exponentially at a global level, Integrated Marketing Communication contributes to adding value to brands and organizations, helping them to relate to their stakeholders, get noticed and become relevant. Relevance that will define the success or failure of an organization in its exports.

When it decides to go into export, the company must adapt its promotional efforts where necessary in order to respond to local customer preferences, communication standards and regulations, to create a more favorable brand image among customers.

A communication plan includes all the strategies for promoting the company and its products or services, as well as sales planning, i.e. everything that involves communicating with the various stakeholders. stakeholders of the company, with the aim of "making it known" and "making it wanted".

There are various means of communication available, from advertising in the media to direct advertising, sales promotion (discounts, service offers) and public relations, the latter of which aims to create an environment of mutual trust and understanding that stimulates the relationships the company has with its customers. stakeholders.

Thus, having all these means at its disposal, a company must decide how to use them, in other words, decide on the composition of its mix communication, paying special attention to the centrality and capacity of marketing and digital communication. Especially in business-to-business environments, where you must carefully analyze your customers, or potential customers, weighing the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

A demanding task, but vital in determining success or failure in conquering foreign markets.

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