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Aug 25, 2020

Managing Communication to Build Trust

Communication to build trust

Communication to build trust

The post-pandemic world will require more trust. It will be essential for Portuguese B2B exporting companies, which operate in such different and diverse markets, to increase their reputation and consolidate their relationships with all the stakeholderscommunication to build trust.

Marketing communication is key to ensuring an effective connection between brands and organizations and their customers. stakeholders. A communication that presupposes the combination of specialized experience and know-how with the development of appropriate tools to conquer the reputation and notoriety that make it possible to build trust.

In the process of creating and managing mutually beneficial relationships between the company and its stakeholdersCommunication must describe the characteristics of each organization in depth, in an analysis that goes beyond the sector of activity or services it provides, and which also involves understanding for whom the organization is creating value.

Communication is one of the key elements of a company, as it supports all the processes of creating the credibility, cooperation, clarity (transparency) and knowledge that are the foundation of trust.

The strategic management of Marketing Communication is a process that takes place over time and requires an understanding of communication as an interaction that requires sharing and negotiation. A strategic function, guided by processes of mapping and managing stakeholders, can bring added value in different areas of the organizations, as well as other actions that lead to the generation of leads.

Count on SayU to find out how to optimize investments in marketing communications, highlighting the strategic management of communications to build and manage relationships with your customers. stakeholders at the same time as building your reputation, strengthening your relationships and attracting new customers.

Efficiently managed communication is a constituent element of an organization and can contribute to achieving its goals, particularly the trust that will allow it to be recognized abroad and build a brand.



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