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Jun 29, 2021

Diagnose context and create brand

Context diagnosis

Context diagnosis

Among these is the challenge of defining an organization's areas of intervention in terms of Public Relations (PR) and Communication, in order to strengthen its contribution to creating differentiation, reputation, trust and legitimacy.

A strengthened role for PR and Communication in an organizational context is the basis for enhancing the decision-making process, promoting a real and authentic connection with the people and stakeholders and, at the same time, promote differentiated leadership.

Diagnose context; create brand; manage reputation; identify stakeholders; communication; evaluation and foresight are the axes of intervention and their combination will make it possible to comprehensively manage all strategic assets, reinforcing the role of PR and Communication in the organization and creating value.

After design and development, the challenge lies in implementation. In the logic and strategy of collaboration and partnership with clients that has defined it for 12 years, SayU Consulting also helps to overcome this challenge.

A context diagnosis analyzes the size of the market, both in volume and value, the various customer segments and buying patterns, the competition and the economic environment in terms of barriers to entry and regulation. It helps to reduce risks, identify emerging trends and project objectives and provides information about the business, enabling a greater understanding of the target audience and the competition, helping to build a more targeted marketing strategy.

In its implementation, it is necessary to assess the specific characteristics of the market and sector of activity, point out relevant players and aggregate quantitative information on its size and viability, while identifying the trends and transformations underway in the market that could have a significant impact on the way the organization carries out its activity and presents itself to the public. stakeholders.

Creating the brand he definition of an organization's identity and its reason for being - what makes it unique - is expressed through its purpose, beliefs and corporate values. This creation should form the basis of business strategy and communication, link business objectives to social, ethical and environmental impact, serve as a filter for decision-making models and guide behaviour in line with the organization's strategy and values. The greater the clarity and relevance of the purpose, the greater the consistency and coherence in contact with the brand and the greater the effectiveness and efficiency in interaction with the stakeholders.

Implementing this axis involves defining the activation of purpose, leading the process and selecting the methodology for defining purpose and activating supporting behaviors such as recommending, working, buying or investing. At the same time, it is based on the strategic management of the corporate brand as a platform for relationships with all stakeholders. stakeholdersthe design and implementation of relevant, consistent and coherent experiences and participation in the formulation of corporate values, beliefs and principles that build corporate culture and activate aligned behaviors for all employees.

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