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Mar 31, 2020

#PresentsMdM in the fight against COVID-19

COVID-19 | How to help MdM


We have already joined forces with Doctors of the World Association to give them a stage and help them publicize their meritorious work, as part of the #PresentesMdM campaign. This time, we highlight the activities they are carrying out, in the field of the State of Emergency resulting from COVID-19 and the how we can help them continue to support the most vulnerable population.


Faced with the pandemic scenario of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2d (COVID-19), Médecins du Monde has had to modify many of its action guidelines, never forgetting or compromising on support for the most vulnerable population.


As a humanitarian organization specializing in emergencies, it knows how to act, guaranteeing safety conditions for the professionals on the ground and the populations it supports. As a public health agent, it continues to be active in Lisbon, Porto, Évora and Barcelos, with teams on the ground providing support and free primary health care to the most vulnerable populations, focusing on COVID-19 prevention.


Médecins du Monde needs our help to continue providing support to:

  • homeless people in Lisbon, Porto and Barcelos;
  • elderly people who are more isolated, in Lisbon and Porto;
  • immigrants or people in an irregular situation, housed in reception centers in Lisbon, Porto and Évora.


Support can be provided:

  •  On website
  • Via MB WAY: 968 702 492


For further information contact:


About Médecins du Monde

It is a non-governmental humanitarian aid and development cooperation organization with no party or religious affiliation. Its work is based on the fundamental right of all human beings to have access to health care, regardless of their nationality, religion, ideology, race or economic possibilities.


Let's help MdM fighting the spread of COVID-19.



+351 211 926 120
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