Media Agenda

Media Agenda

Media Agenda

The objective of the Creating a Media Agenda is to get the audience to talk about one topic and not another. Part of the idea that the public considers the themes that are most prominently publicized by the public to be more important. medium.

The function of Communication Marketing is to highlight the medium the themes of the client organization. The particularly diffuse and dynamic media environment today requires a comprehensive and dynamic approach to a multiplicity of variables that impact the brand and the business and a competence - clear on who are the right media players (journalists, editors, directors), which are the right moments to involve them and which are the right and relevant stories and narratives, so that media coverage is also the most appropriate.

A Creating a Media Agenda aims to promote an organization among its members stakeholders through visibility in the medium that values ​​the institution, clarifies its point of view and boosts interest in its products, services and activities. This also has an advisory aspect, which analyzes and suggests the most appropriate strategies and channels for each case, and an operational aspect that develops and executes them. because it allows you to be aware of what is reported about a certain sector, at every moment. Being a dynamic agenda, it allows to detect opportunities and threats in the media context, to outline action plans, as well as to perceive the results of the work in progress.

The different types of media and their respective platforms are paramount communication tools in a multidisciplinary strategy supported by complementary approaches. The creation and promotion of journalistic contents and selective approaches to media allows for a dissemination of information to a broad public or the contact with a sector-specific target through specialized media.

Implementing Marketing Communication actions aimed at transforming the information conveyed about products and services into perceptions about their attributes and positioning, the SayU enhances the development of awareness around the brand and the organization.


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