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Mar 29, 2019

Influence Marketing is a reality

Influence Marketing is a reality

influence marketing

The world of digital influencers seems to be here to stay, which has given rise to influencer marketing. A selection of influencers sure is not always an easy process and must be done in such a way that the ambassadors you choose to represent your brand are in line with the main messages your organization wants to communicate. In today's article, we address this issue and leave you with some tips so that you can choose the right people to collaborate with your brand:

  • One of the main factors to take into account should be sharing and defending certain messages. A partnership with an influencer who doesn't believe in the messages and products they are going to communicate is not positive for either party. The influencer will disappoint their audience and the brand in question will end up losing credibility in the eyes of the audience they are really interested in.
  • Sometimes brands only look at the number of followers or the number of likes. Although this is an important metric that should be taken into account, it is also extremely important to understand what kind of audience a particular influencer or, for example, the level of interaction with your community. Numbers are important, but selecting the type of audience we want to reach is even more important.
  • When selecting digital influencers for a particular campaign, diversity is important. There should be a concern to bring together influencers of different sizes, but also who reach different audiences. As a rule, the larger the influencer, the lower the level of engagement with their audience. On the other hand, the smaller the number of followers, the greater the degree of trust in the information they disseminate and also the interaction with their audience.

Influencer marketing is a world with many aspects yet to be explored and which enables brands to reach and select the audience they want to reach in ways that have never been possible before. However, the key word is selection. The success of any action with digital influencers undoubtedly depends on selecting them correctly.



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