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Aug 31, 2021

Global Dimension

International Market

international market

Business activity will be more successful, effective and efficient if communication processes with the different stakeholders are managed intentionally and strategically. stakeholders. In the current context, investment in building this relationship is decisive and promises to be a key advantage in the pandemic and post-pandemic world. A Public Relations Portugal (PRP) has this global dimension.

With the internationalization of business and the globalization of markets, the ability to develop a global marketing strategy is increasingly important. Being consistent in this international positioning will be beneficial, reinforcing the uniqueness of the message and standardizing solutions.

The main obstacle to any organization seeking a position abroad, or even a global position, is the risk of adopting a stereotyped position when it reaches the right people. stakeholders in different geographies. Although those in Portugal behave in a similar way to those in the rest of Europe, this doesn't mean that the same marketing strategies can be applied without redefinition and guidance.

The SayU Consulting the Portuguese company that is a member of Evoke NetworkPRP is an international network of marketing, PR and B2B agencies, each of which is a specialist in its own country and area of intervention. PRP ensures that integrated marketing, communications and public relations strategies reach the international market, leveraging the experience and services of partners in each country or region.

This approach creates a cohesive and highly effective solution, with the adaptation and implementation of an international business strategy at a local level, taking into account the cultural, commercial and technical differences of each market, such as Portugal.



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