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Apr 22, 2021

KCS IT commits to Sustainability

Lisbon European Green Capital 2020

Lisbon European Green Capital 2020

KCS IT is part of the Lisbon European Green Capital 2020 Commitment - Lisbon Climate Action 2030, taking on its role in terms of environmental responsibility and reducing its ecological footprint. The Innovation and Technology company is committed to implementing a set of measures by 2030 that will make it a greener, more sustainable and conscious company.

As Tiago Farinha, Managing Director of KCS IT, explains, this sustainable dimension is part of the company's DNA and activity: "Sustainability is an increasingly present concern in the way KCS IT operates. The R&D area of our team located in Terceira, Azores, is dedicated to developing products with this matrix, namely the CEPAD and CETAPP solutions. At the same time, we are associated with initiatives such as Earth Hour, a global sustainability movement that brings together more than 3.5 billion people in 190 countries and territories. We believe that the challenges facing us in the coming decades are everyone's responsibility, and we cannot fail to play our part in this shared goal of promoting sustainability."

The measures to which KCS IT has committed itself cover diverse areas, including issues related to Energy, Circular Economy, Citizenship and Mobility. These actions will be implemented and reported to the initiative's organization, with annual objectives that must be met.

Among the concrete measures designed by the Innovation and Technology company are: installing LED lighting in all buildings (interior and exterior, if applicable); eliminating the use of single-use plastics; increasing the amount of waste sent for recycling by 50% by 2030 compared to 2020; promoting the purchase of certified sustainable materials and products, which are low carbon in the production chain and, whenever possible, locally sourced; reducing the amount of municipal solid waste produced by 50% by 2030 compared to 2020; communicating the city's goals through the company's internal and external communication channels; disseminate Lisbon's environmental and climate action goals to employees and/or associates; increase the promotion of electric vehicles in private use vehicle fleets and operational fleets; provide personal care facilities (e.g. showers) for those who use micro-mobility solutions (e.g. bicycles) for commuting; provide parking spaces for bicycles and motorcycles; ensure available space and encourage remote meetings.

The initiative is part of the Lisbon municipality's subscription to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, which commits the city to the objectives of the Paris Agreement, membership of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Network and implementation of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (PAESC).

In order to position Lisbon at the forefront of achieving a sustainability agenda, it is necessary to involve stakeholders and work as a whole. That's why we're launching this challenge to the city, to companies, organizations, associations, institutions, both public and private, to take on the Commitment with an ambitious agenda for the next decade. 


About KCS IT:

With more than 12 years of existence, KCS IT today offers a multifaceted set of services that include outsourcing, strategic consulting (with services such as Research&Development, Team as a Service and Delivery Center) and training. This diversity is reflected in a vast group of clients from different sectors and industries.

With an innovative and agile, flexible and dedicated team, the company has grown to become a company that is recognized for its expertise in project management through the implementation of international best practices such as PMI® and in line with Microsoft, Esri, Salesforce and SAP solutions.

Over time, KCS IT has developed its international presence and is currently present in various parts of Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, Leiria and Terceira Island), Belgium and Luxembourg.

Additional information at www.kcsit.pt

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