Purpose Marketing

Purpose Marketing

Purpose Marketing

Purpose Marketing has come to influence how an organization understands its marketing goals: from advertising its products or services to building a brand ecosystem with social purpose.

O Purpose Marketing it is a strategy used by an organization to center its external communication efforts around a social cause that aligns with its own values ​​and vision. The purpose of this marketing typology is to allow an organization to develop a deeper relationship with its stakeholders and community, creating authentic connections based on shared values.

Goal-oriented companies of this type seek to involve customers in their goals. Therefore, they envision a committed customer base, which gains meaning with their involvement, and which also helps the company to promote its social purpose.

Therefore, it is important to look for opportunities to integrate stakeholders. This entails starting by considering the topics or issues they identify and worrying about and developing an action plan based on that information and engaging them in the discussion.

The impact of this dialogue it has to go beyond appearances – it's about making people feel they've been heard and understood and are taking part in an impactful action. This is an opportunity to bring more people into a community that otherwise could never be won.

This community around the brand activates the customer base, creating the conditions for them to join and participate and for their voice to be heard. It means giving stakeholders the tools to help them tell their story. Telling your stories and sharing your concerns allows you to create interaction and recognition in a dynamic of social purpose.

An organization today has to be more than its business: it is an active player and participant in a broader reality and necessarily integrates the major issues of its time in its performance.


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