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Mar 14, 2018

Marriott: Information to support the offer

Marriott: Information to support the offer

A hotel chain Marriott is developing the Marriott Content Studio project, which aims to become the largest media company in the travel sector.

A television program, an online travel magazine and even short films on the subject have been produced, including the promotion of the "French Kiss" video, which has already been viewed by more than six million people on YouTube.

Marriott has therefore created very important content platforms, believing that it can become a leader in the tourist information sector, complementing its hotel offer. Considered a "giant" in the hotel industry, Marriott's strategy has become a case study in content marketing, combining content, creating a community around that content and positioning itself to reach customers under 30.

Millennials are increasingly looking for new experiences and close relationships with brands when they travel.

We can say that Marriott is an example of how good content management can bring unexpected results and even new business opportunities.

The group felt the need to adapt to a new reality and keep up with trends in the digital world, due to the fact that the under-30s prefer to stay in apartments rather than large hotels, and are closer to the culture and stories of the places they travel to.

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