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Mar 29, 2023

Solutions for effective campaigns in a multitude of applications


Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in various strategies to improve the effectiveness of campaigns, personalize the experience and automate repetitive tasks. But in a universe of thousands of tools and applications that make use of AI elements, how can we identify those that can play a useful role in an effective strategy? These are some of the tools that are revolutionizing the market and the way we look at AI.


The Tome.app platform is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate presentations, narratives and images based on user requests. Can you imagine being able to create a quality presentation in a matter of minutes just by introducing an idea?

The web application creates presentations and projects in storytelling format based on two cutting-edge technologies: GPT-3 and DALL-E. GPT-3 is a linguistic model that generates coherent and creative texts on any topic, while DALL-E is a model that creates original images from textual descriptions.

With these two technologies, Tome.app allows you to create presentations in a storytelling format, i.e. tell a story that captures the audience's attention and interest. Simply enter a concept or idea in the search bar and the application will generate a narrative complete with associated images.

Find out more at https://beta.tome.app/.


Mixo is an AI-supported tool to help entrepreneurs quickly launch and validate their business ideas on their own platform. Starting with just a brief description of the user's idea, it can generate all the website content in seconds, without any coding or design.

It also allows users to collect customer feedback, creating opportunities for interaction via email, surveys or interviews. In addition, Mixo integrates subscriber management tools to help users create lasting connections with their audience and export subscribers to marketing platforms or evaluate more in-depth statistics with Google Analytics.

This tool provides the resources to quickly launch, grow and test ideas in a community of creators who turn their ideas into startups.

Find out more at https://www.mixo.io/.


Propel is the leading innovative PRM platform, helping marketing and communications professionals connect with journalists and influencers, gain media coverage and measure their impact. With the industry's only native Gmail and Outlook email plugins, proprietary contact preferences, productivity metrics and business results measurement, Propel aims to democratize the PR industry for millions of companies globally and bridge the widening gap between communications professionals and journalists.

This is a complete solution that combines the best PR workflows, data sets and advanced AI - to create a powerful platform that saves time and transforms the achievement of media results. Created in 2019, this year the application gave birth to Amiga, the first and only Artificial Media Intelligence (AMI) technology.

With more than 500 clients, including leading brands and agencies such as Microsoft, NPR and Real Chemistry, Propel enables PR and communications professionals to manage their campaigns and media relations, monitor coverage, measure performance and ROI, and generate content for launches, press releases and media databases using AI.

Find out more at https://www.propelmypr.com/.



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