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Apr 4, 2022

Portuguese LBC launches Nearshore offer

LBC launches Nearshore solution in web development e process automation. The new offer is based on experience in projects developed with leading international brands and focuses on the German and US (California) markets.

 Lisbon, April 4th, 2022 - The management consulting and digital transformation company LBC launches new Nearshore offer in web development e process automation. The target markets are Germany, where it has positive experiences resulting from two partnerships in the area of Industry 4.0 and telecommunications, and California, where it has been present since 2009, in San Francisco, with the GSI (Global Strategic Innovation) Program.

The LBC Nearshore offer is the result of a holistic approach that combines business and technological skills, compared to a more common technology-only offer; integrates proximity, quality and agility into small engagements, rather than large-scale projects, ensuring delivery at the highest level; and focuses on performance that goes far beyond the project team, with LBC knowledge transfer.

The services offered provide users with innovative experiences in digital transformation, using design-thinking e costumer journeyThey also provide high-quality automation solutions thanks to a team of experts who specialize in reducing costs and accelerating results.

The initiative is motivated by "from the experiences and positive testimonies of international projects with reference entities, such as Walmart in the USA, Aspen in the UK, Sabadell in Mexico or Fusion for Energy in Spain, and focuses on two vertical service lines: web development and process automation."says Jorge Cravo, partner at LBC. 


About LBC:

An international management consulting company with experience in developing projects in 14 countries in Europe, Africa and America, more than 1,000 projects in 16 sectors of activity and more than 70 startups supported and 500 executives integrated into immersion programs in Silicon Valley.



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