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Jun 26, 2019

The Intelligent Marketing of Mastercard - continued



The Mastercard's Marketing and Communication actions in the last 10 years reveals an analytical and intelligent strategy.

In recent years several studies show that the experience overrides the product in the list of priorities of today's user. And with an increasingly competitive digital universe when it comes to capturing the customer's attention, over the years, the engagement to the brand and the product's notoriety never fell by the wayside.

According to the evolution of the media and the analytical capacity of brands, Mastercard was able to bet on an intelligent and detailed data analysis, which allowed it to define the best actions to be taken according to the preferences and profiles of its customers.

A segmented and highly analytical marketing strategy

Given the evolution of the digital universe in recent years, Mastercard has chosen to transform what many brands work with and know as storytelling and reproduce these stories in an engaging version that we can call storymaking.

Here, users feel part of the story, and proof of this was the consistency that Mastercard managed to maintain in the four major stages of its growth and evolution in marketing and communication.

Currently, it continues to maintain the signature Priceless, which has 4 strands. A Priceless Cities - where it provides its customers with exclusive experiences to cities that are relevant to the user. A Priceless Surprises - where it gives its clients access to surprises that are organized by mastercard. A Priceless CausesWith a social responsibility aspect, where a percentage of the transactions made with the card revert to associations and social causes without the customer having to do anything other than use the card. Finally, the Priceless Specialswhere the cardholders have access to discounts and exclusive opportunities through Mastercard's app.

Learn more about the concept behind the Priceless Surprises with this year's campaign in partnership with The Voice USA (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxZPJdKoso0)



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