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Jun 16, 2020


Restyling SayU


In its second decade of activity, SayU Consulting presents a renewed corporate identity. O restyling The new logo and new brand signature reinforce its role as a link between brands and the public, realized through Communication 360. The strategy that is now launched aims to enhance the positioning of the communication marketing consultant, specialized in B2B.

Lisbon, June 15, 2020 - SayU presents a restyling of its corporate identity, associated with a new image, new brand signature and renewed communication platforms. Founded in 2009, the marketing communication consultancy reinforces its positioning mirrored in the brand signature "powering your voice", in a scenario of transformation of the way in which people are involved. stakeholders and in the context of the post COVID-19 pandemic (protectionist policies, unemployment, economic crisis, reduction of exports, etc.)

The emergence of purposeful communication presupposes the combination of specialized experience and know-how with the development of tools suitable for achieving reputation and notoriety. This purpose is the SayU brand essence: making marketing communications the key to ensuring an effective connection between brands and organizations and their audiences. The commitment to "voice" and the link to stakeholders. Positioning reflected in a simplified logo and idealized imagery - in which the letter "U" gains added relevance - and in the new brand signature. Powering your voice.

"It is in taking on this role that a marketing communications agency will make a difference." assures SayU's Managing Partner. How?"Putting yourself in your customers' shoes to learn how you can help them improve and thrive. Helping you innovate, set ambitious and far-reaching goals. Always with proximity. Offering an outsider's view to those with decision-making power." explains Marta Gonçalves.

The communication landscape is changing. And the consultancy has adapted by providing innovative tools throughout its history. With expertise Proven in Marketing Communication and committed to continuous R&D, SayU develops methodologies for functional, efficient and effective communication. For each challenge, it designs Integrated Marketing Communication solutions that contribute to adding value to brands and organizations. The developed methodology treats communication tools as a puzzle, in which each piece has a place where it fits perfectly, allowing to overcome challenges with action based on high standards.

"SayU's action is based on the search for and analysis of quality information; regular monitoring of the economic and social environment, looking at the various sectors; open-mindedness to take into account the perspective of others and the ability to learn by doing to present clients with a solution", adds.

As SayU's Managing Partner explains, the consultancy is "at the epicentre of transforming the way people communicate and has become a reference in helping organizations and brands connect with their stakeholders. We are not just about communication. Applying deep and broad knowledge with a passion for results, we are partners in our clients' success."

Marta Gonçalves says that over the last ten years "we put Integrated Marketing Communications at the heart of organizations, creating innovative methodologies and implementing disruptive strategies, with an integrated 360 vision, to help brands get noticed and become relevant". And over the next decade we know that "we will continue to give voice to the connection that organizations must know how to cultivate with their stakeholdersinvesting in our team and expanding our digital services. The goal is the same as always: to help B2B companies achieve their goals." he adds.



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