Social Networking is a social structure composed of people or organizations, connected by one or several types of relationships, that share information, knowledge, interests, and search for common goals. One of its characteristics is its openness, enabling horizontal and non-hierarchical relationships among participants.

Social Media Strategy has gained increasing importance in modern society and with the various social networks, consumers are in constant contact with brands. Due to this phenomenon, brands, in many different business areas, realize that traditional marketing techniques are increasingly less effective and more expensive, since segmentation in "traditional" marketing is much less effective and the measurement of impact is not immediate, unlike digital marketing and especially social media marketing.

These have created a way to explore the dynamics of the relationship between companies and their customers. Marketing communication in social networks is more personal and interactive, but beware that the tools are increasingly complex and difficult to understand for the average user.

Professional network marketing management requires study and knowledge, and marketing and communication are in diversified, two-way channels through which brands dialogue with their consumers and vice versa.

Online social networks are a platform for interaction with customers and potential customers, promoting loyalty. They also allow this same interaction to be in real time since companies and their users are connected almost automatically.

In a scenario of transformation of Communication, the SayU Consulting applies digital and online media tools that enhance interaction with the public in a dynamic, immediate, and reciprocal alternative to traditional media.
The solutions provided by SayU Consulting allow the creation of original, targeted and continuous content and have as complementary objectives to broaden the audience reached and strengthen customer loyalty.





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