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Dec 2, 2021

The unicorn factory

Unicorn factory

Unicorn factory

Whether dealing with investors, future partners or potential customers, being able to captivate the public is one of the most important skills for an entrepreneur in today's reality. Especially for those who aspire to be a unicorn.

Any good idea has to be transformed from a theoretical project into something concrete that will be evaluated by the public. This contact and the relationship you want to create means telling a story that allows you to create an effective and affective connection.

And one of the most widely heard stories this fall has been about the creation of a unicorn factory in Lisbon. The mayor of Lisbon has promised to found the Lisbon Unicorn Factory in 2021. This factory "will be a place where we will teach the details and the process so that young people can turn their ideas into great businesses, create jobs and change the world and have purpose, that's what the Unicorn Factory will be," said Carlos Moedas.

André de Aragão Azevedo, Secretary of State for the Digital Transition, says that Portugal has "a pipeline of potential unicorns that over the next few months will reach that level," adding that "Portugal compares very well, because in terms of the ratio of unicorns per million inhabitants, we have more than twice what France or Germany have, for example, which shows that, on our scale, we have a better ecosystem performance."

The start-ups Portugal is thriving and the unicorn is a tangible and palpable indicator, often used as an indicator of the maturity of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, the development of which inevitably involves a communication strategy.

This goal depends on being able to formulate an original story, like that of the start-up factory, or that of each one of them, so that they can create their strategy, actions and the right tools to help build a strong and sustainable brand over time, with increased levels of credibility and trust.

You can't just say what you do. What is there to show? What story do you want to tell? "Don't tell me, show me".

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