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Sep 28, 2020

Virtual Entrepreneurship Week

Acredita Portugal's Virtual Entrepreneurship Week

Virtual Entrepreneurship Week

The final phase of the Montepio Acredita Portugal competition is organizing an unprecedented week - between October 12 and 16 - of debate around the entrepreneurial ecosystem with virtual interventions and round tables. The event will bring together guest speakers to debate topics such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, raising investment, the role of technology and the challenges of the social economy and sustainability.

The initiative includes Meet Ups that bring together the various social projects supported by Acredita Portugal and related to the areas of Technology, Mobility and Sustainability. Mentoring sessions are also scheduled, in which any project can receive support from the association and its network of mentors to evolve and accelerate its growth, and open sessions that will allow anyone to address questions to personalities from the Entrepreneurship sector in Portugal.

Some of the sessions, among many others in this Virtual Entrepreneurship Week run by Acredita Portugal - an association of which the Say U Consulting The themes are: What opportunities has the economic and health crisis brought? What opportunities has COVID created and how can we exploit them over the next few years?; The role of the social economy in the "new Portugal". What will the future of the social economy look like in Portugal? What is changing in the social sector and how can organizations adapt to it?; Digital Transformation: how can I prepare my company for economy 3.0? How should I adapt my project to this new reality? What can I do now to prepare for the digital revolution?; Portugal in the world: The challenges of internationalization. What are the biggest challenges facing the internationalization of companies in Portugal? In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, how can Portugal assert itself as a player relevant in global entrepreneurship? Support for entrepreneurship: What programs exist and how can I apply? What support exists for entrepreneurship in Portugal? How can I apply for them? The future of mobility in the Portuguese economy. What will mobility be like in Portugal in 20 years' time? How can start-ups and mobility companies help us prepare for this future?

All information at www.acreditaportugal.pt



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