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Nov 30, 2020

How to work the institutional communication

Working on Institutional Communication

Working on Institutional Communication

One of the main challenges in the organizational environment is to work on Institutional Communication, to communicate with the different stakeholdersThis is done by developing strategies that align culture with the company's discourse and directing messages towards building identity and image in an integrated way.

This is called institutional communication, which can essentially be divided into three types - internal communication, external communication and integrated organizational communication - and which begins by defining the company's objectives, values, mission and vision for the future and planning and implementing actions for all the stakeholders.

Working on institutional communication requires professionals or agencies specializing in communication marketing, capable of maintaining good communication with clients, employees, service providers or other institutions and equipped with tools that match and express the communication of companies in an institutional way with the company's stakeholders. stakeholders. Examples of these tools are public relations, press relations, institutional advertising and corporate image and identity.

Internal communication, on the other hand, aims to enable greater interaction between the institution and its employees, and is a strategic tool for making their interests compatible, by encouraging dialogue, the exchange of information and experiences and participation at all levels. It also pays attention to the personal and professional development of employees and to an ethical and responsible relationship with institutions that represent their interests.

External communication is responsible for drawing up and carrying out actions with audiences who are not in the organization, but who relate to it, and must stress the clarity of purpose and efficiency of the message defined by the company. The responsibility for good relations with external audiences lies with all the company's employees, and they need to be familiar with the organization's guidelines and activities.

Institutional communication directs its messages towards building an organization's identity and image in the eyes of different audiences and works in an integrated manner with other areas to develop communication projects.

In a nutshell, institutional communication aims to reinforce the company's mission, vision and values. And it goes beyond the external public and the goal of increasing sales.

Count on SayU to design, develop and implement the different communication projects that guarantee the construction of an identity, image and perception of your organization and brand. The growth of your business is a consequence of a good institutional communication strategy.



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