B2B Communication

B2B Communication

B2B Communication

B2B marketing and communication is for companies that sell to other companies to generate qualified leads that can be converted into customers. Implement B2B communication is a challenging task, but one that will make all the difference in building a relationship with potential customers.

Marketing and B2B communication is the process that involves selling a product or service of a company. company to another company and whose name derives from the English expression "business-to-business".

In free translation, business-to-business marketing and communication. The techniques of this type of marketing rely on the same basic principles as marketing to consumers (B2C), but are executed in a unique way. While consumers choose the products Based not only on price, but on popularity, status and other emotional and social factors, B2B buyers make their decisions based on profit potential and price.

Marketing and B2B communication involves the building relationships to secure lasting customers. And this is an important goal for any companyB2B marketing and communication needs to focus more on generating qualified leads for the sales team, monitoring sales processes and delivering the product or service on time.

Acting as a guarantee of an increased degree of notoriety and the construction of messages that clearly set out the vision, values and positioning, the SayU gives the organization a voice with communication marketing to maintain and increase its reputation.

In partnership with an organization, SayU creates and disseminates information, executes a corporate strategy, and develops messages for a variety of internal and external purposes.



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