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Dec 15, 2022

The challenges for companies in a B2B context

B2B Companies | InterComm Study

B2B companies

Most of the companies participating in the InterComm study reveals its intention to increase its investment in Communication in the coming months, but the analysis highlights that many organizations do not relate their Communication strategy to their own history, values and culture and sometimes lack a strategy that combines commercial, institutional and technical communication.

The lack of clarity in communication about the company's mission and values, or the failure to think globally about the markets where the company is present or intends to be present, is one of the trends highlighted by the study.

Another aspect has to do with the fact that, while until recently most of the B2B companies surveyed saw communication only as an instrumental function, supporting the sales team and focused on promoting products or services, things are now changing.

The results of the study point to an urgent need to look differently at investments in Public Relations / Corporate Communication. In order to be more competitive in the 'new normal', companies find it necessary to anticipate and implement new solutions that go beyond 'communicating the business'. A B2B Communication should combine Commercial, Technical and Institutional Communication.

Want to know more about B2B communication? Visit Business-to-Business: Beyond Business Communication (B2B-BBC)" project area, which aims to understand, post-pandemic, what role communication plays in the way national B2B and exporting companies engage with their customers. stakeholders.



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