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Aug 25, 2020

Investment for a long-term relationship

Investment for a long-term relationship


The definition of a strategy and the correct construction of dissemination and communication channels allows for a lasting and continuous relationship with clients. In internationalization, investment in building this trust is decisive.

The information shared with stakeholders must always be relevant, up-to-date and aligned with the organization's strategy and, to this end, must be based on investment in marketing communications as an indispensable tool for building and capitalizing on the positioning, reputation and notoriety that define the brand, and trust in it.

Positioning, reputation and notoriety framed within the commitment to optimize business development with innovation, allied to its relationship with the other areas of the company and its management and relevance to business growth.

Investing in marketing communications allows you to frame and position your organization in the constant and dynamic movement that characterizes today's predictable corporate world, while preparing your organization for a full response to the complex and demanding challenges of internationalization.

For this preparation, Say U developed, in partnership with AICEP - Portugal Global and  School of Social Communication , Business-to-Business - Beyond Business Communication (B2B- BBC), a project that aims to understand, after the SARS-CoV2 pandemic, what role communication plays in the way Portuguese B2B exporting companies build and manage relationships with their customers. stakeholders.

The study aims to make B2B exporting companies more competitive by providing them with knowledge of the role of strategic communication management in building relationships with their customers.takeholders and the design of a proactive communication strategy that reinforces trust in the company internationally. Take part.



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