Motivation and Sales Forces, in the context of increasing digitalization and the importance of the online world, make us question whether, today, a network of sales still has the same importance for a business. In fact, we can buy any product via our smartphone and receive it in an incredibly short period of time compared to the past. In addition, running a sales network involves certain fixed costs, higher than those arising from online delivery or other intermediaries.

The question is: why do teams and networks of commercials still exist?

The relationship between people has a unique character and the Internet cannot replace it (at least not yet). The purchases we make in everyday life are not always rational: sometimes we are driven solely by emotions. The relationship with another person helps to enhance involvement and the creation of emotional bonds.

This is not only a human factor issue, there are also important implications from a business point of view.

While the Internet has made it easier to access any company, paradoxically, it has also increased the distance between companies and consumers from a relational point of view.

Sales teams know the organization's customers in a deeper and more detailed way, and their knowledge is decisive for:

  • Make strategic decisions
  • Innovate and develop the corporate offer
  • Implementing customer service activities
  • Developing an effective online strategy
  • Improve the corporate value proposition

If companies know and understand who their ideal customers are, it will exponentially increase their chances of reaching them. If the corporate value proposition is irrelevant or impersonal, all potential customers will have a similar attitude toward the offer.

The presence of a Motivation and Sales Forces has strong consequences for the efforts developed by marketing, both offline and online. In fact, while an excellent marketing team can define realistic customers, only salespeople know exactly who the organization's real customers are. They are fully aware of all their questions and concerns, their decision-making processes, expectations.

Without the help of the sales force, the marketing team often fails to identify and target ideal customers in sufficient detail, nor can it engage and nurture them effectively.





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