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May 31, 2022

The audience has the power

The way content is produced, distributed and consumed has changed. There has been a transfer of power, where the audience is in charge, no longer passive, but chooses what content it sees, reads, listens to, pays attention to and which message it will value.

The main objective is to identify, create and distribute unique content that guarantees the public's involvement with the brands.

In communication, nothing has the power of a good story. The person who tells the best story is the most successful:

  • Taking the lead in the future by keeping up with technological trends
  • To humanize, to create love through a more intimate narrative with a more informal tone and greater emotion to ensure greater proximity to audiences;
  • Creating trust using experts, greater accessibility with simplification and making innovation the differentiating factor
  • Use the various tools to reach the widest audience and make the subject interesting, segmenting the audience and the target public
  • Concern for the future of the consumer, responding to their needs and improving their experience and quality of life

Over the years Storytelling  - a good, well-told story - has been reinventing itself and adapting to the social changes of the moment. Consumers are increasingly trying to identify with brands that reflect the values they stand for. Most identify with a storytelling creative and emotional, in which the key is to be able to build mobilizing and engaging stories in a succinct and impactful way.

Brands have also chosen to tell a story in an innovative way that the public can identify with. The dividends, especially in terms of reputation, are largely positive as the public establishes an emotional relationship with the brand in question.

To ensure the consumer's emotional relationship There are a few key elements to the brand in question:

  • They're emotional
  • Help or motivate someone
  • Involve users
  • They make people identify and see themselves in situations
  • Scale easily in terms of reach and shares
  • They explore common motivations and behaviors



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