The InterComm Report - B2B Communication Trends in Global Businesses (InterComm) presents a portrait of the role of Communication in building and managing relationships with the stakeholders of Portuguese organizations that have a focus on selling to other companies - Business-to-Business (B2B ) and relevant international business. In addition to a study that identifies trends, InterComm also intends to help reflection and action, highlighting ways of responding to current and future challenges.

The context in which we live and that we do not know for sure when it will change, made it evident that it is time for top management to understand the contribution of Communication in the competitiveness of companies.

The business of B2B organizations is based mainly on relationships between different interlocutors and Communication has an essential role, which adds value to the organization, making it more competitive. To be able to contribute effectively to this objective, it will have to be seen as a function that is not subsumed to commercial or technical communication, being guided by processes of mapping and management of stakeholders, always with the business objectives in mind.

Yes, it is possible for a company to survive without communicating. However, it will be more efficient and profitable if you manage the communication processes in a planned and intentional way.


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