Relationship Management with Journalists and OCS

Communication marketing disseminates corporate stories and ideas that are unknown to journalists and that institutional managers are unable to get to the right journalist, in the right media outlet and at the right time.

Relationship Management with Journalists and CSOs is about seeking media opportunities according to needs. With digital communication and the potential of the web, the relationship between journalist and PR has become a 'public' relationship, the communication plans of PR professionals have become more strategic.

Although digital has impacted Relationship Management with Journalists and CBOs, the establishment of offline relationships is more relevant and important for the purpose of promoting lasting relationships and trust, and the online environment only stimulates what already exists. The online relationship stimulates a two-way symmetrical relationship, where there is more communication and sharing, and the online provides new working tools, as well as practices, contributing to more effective communication.

The digital context streamlines the relationships between Public Relations professionals and Journalists, but these relationships will only be reliable if created in person. With digital, new players in the communication process, which allows them to bypass journalistic barriers in the process of disseminating communications.

There are several ways for an organization to make its presence felt in the media landscape: negotiating media coverage which will then be reconverted into an advertising spot (clipping); advertising exchange, where the organization develops an article in exchange for an advertising page in the medium; sponsoringsponsorship, which aims to associate a brand with an event; patronage, as a strategic intervention that illustrates and extends the company's culture; lobbying, which is seen as an influence strategy; and creation of projects, programs and events.

By implementing Marketing Communication actions aimed at transforming the information conveyed about products and services into perceptions about their attributes and positioning, SayU awareness development around the brand and the organization.



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